The Suit

Our advanced physical suits provide haptic feedback and capture both motion and biometrics.

Haptic Feedback

Touch and force feedback, helping define actions and develop reflex

TESLASUIT’s full body haptic feedback system is built into the suit and can be engaged on actions, on demand, or in response to motion capture comparison. This feedback provides users with sensation and a sense of touch in virtual and augmented reality. This electro-stimulation improves the learning experience by increasing immersion, fostering 360-degree awareness, and engaging muscle memory.

Haptic Feedback


Our biometrics system monitors multiple vital data signals- enabling advanced health and performance data analysis

TESLASUIT’s integrated biometric system gathers real-time data from users while training – which can be used to relay emotional state, stress level, and key health indicators. This enables interactive VR/AR training content that adapts to the trainee for personalized experiences, and measurement of key baselines to understand improvement or degradation over time.

Motion Capture

Our state-of-the-art motion capture system records and tracks body position and movement

Integrated skeletal and 3D kinematic motion capture tracks human body interaction within the virtual training environment. This capture is essential to the delivery of correctly placed haptic experiences, and allows for professionals to lay down baselines users can compare against. Using motion capture in training improves motor skills by enabling haptic guidance and error augmentation based upon baselines from professionals or a user’s own past tracked actions.


The Suit

Smart textile two-piece full body suit (jacket and trousers).
New technologies combined in a smart fabrics to fit the body as a second skin.
Stretchable, breathable, durable and even washable.

Software Tools

Haptic Editor – Full scale software for modulating and developing haptic presets. Thermal feedback management system. Skeletool – Advanced tool for motion tracking: setup, calibrating, recording and converting.


Wi-Fi 2.4 ghz


50 mA per 1 kOhm

Control Unit

Control unit included

Pulse Width

1-260ms / per channel

Tactile Feedback

80 electrostimulation channels


1-300 Hz / per channel

Motion Tracking

10 internal motion capture sensors


Rechargable long-life battery, 8-10 hours battery life

SDK and plugins

Windows 10 • Real-time visualization • Unity3D • Unreal Engine 4


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and custom made, height Medium and Tall

How To Engage

TESLASUIT and our integration partners work with our clients to create enterprise training solutions — capturing content, designing environments, training users, and creating scalable, upgradeable programs designed to real impact across organizations.

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