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World’s First Haptic Rugby Tackle

5G power demonstration from Vodafone powered by TESLASUIT

How it works

The impact of a rugby tackle made by Will Rowlands at the Ricoh stadium in Coventry was transferred via 5G to teammate Juan de Jongh on stage in London. De Jongh, in a specially developed haptic Teslasuit, was able to feel the force of the tackle in realtime thanks to Vodafone’s high speed and super low latency 5G.

De Jongh

Wasps rugby team

I’ve never experienced anything like this. It felt like something from the Matrix. This technology could not only help athletes to train, but to get back into training after injury.

Scott Petty

Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone UK

One of the most exciting is haptic communications technology that allows people to feel sensations remotely. Haptic technology like this will play a huge part in the future from healthcare to gaming.