Ultimate tech in Smart Clothing

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The world’s first fully integrated smart clothing apparel with Haptic Feedback, Motion Capture, Climate Control and Biometric Feedback systems.

Whether you are a game developer, arcade owner or enterprise representative - we have a solution for you.

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Teslasuit technology

Haptic feedback system

Transmit exact haptic sensations from VR/AR/MR digital environments via electrical stimulation. Comes bundled with a haptic library and software for creating your own effects.

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Motion capture and avatar system

Full body motion tracking with high precision. Includes software and plugins for Unity/Unreal/Motion Builder.

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Climate control system

Feel the digital environment temperature change and experience heat and cold sensations.

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Biometric system

Smart tracking of a range of body metrics. Collect the engagement metrics and biometry patterns. Coupled with machine learning opens a whole new world of possibilities.

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Dedicated area for software developers. Documentation, API/SDK, tutorials, software for Motion Capture and Haptic Editor - all important stuff can be found here.

B2B Solutions

Teslasuit provides a unique opportunity to enhance the VR/AR/MR experiences. It’s intelligent and cutting-edge solutions help to improve your business and add competitive advantages to your products and services in:

  • Enterprise/corporate sector
  • VR arcades, location based entertainment and theme parks
  • Content and game development
  • Science technology
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