Teslasuit - full body haptic VR suit


virtual reality reinvented

The world’s first full-body haptic feedback, motion capture, thermo controlled suit. Enjoy incredible real world sensations as never before.

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Haptic feedback
Motion capture
and Positioning system
Climate control

Haptic Feedback system

Feel a wide range of sensations across your whole body whether the soft touch of warm rain, a heavy impact or even the freezing cold.

The Teslauit haptic library provides a range of sensations to targeted areas across the body including simultaneously stimulating multiple muscle groups.

Haptic feedback system tech specs

46 Haptic points
Haptic Animations
Real-time Simulations
Weight Simulation
User calibration profiles
Capillary system
Haptic Library
Users can create custom animations with Haptic Editor application

Motion Capture system

Teslasuit motion capture system use sensors to transfer the precise position of the body into virtual environments. Don’t think about latency and your actual position in VR location. Teslasuit will think instead of you!


Because the T-Suit can fully mimic a user’s body movements in AR/VR environments, a digital representation (avatar or “skin”) of the user can be created – allowing a further degree of personalisation.

Motion capture system tech specs

14 Motion capture sensors
On-board data processing
Avatar System
Offline animation recording
Compatible with MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D

Climate Control system

The suit’s climate control system provides the user with extra realistic immersive sensations. Through its revolutionary heating and cooling elements rapid changes in temperature can be created within mere seconds to simulate anything from a walk in the sun to the freezing chill of an arctic wind, or from forest fires to bomb explosions.

Climate control system tech specs

Climate changes
20 - 40 °C (58 - 104 °F) Range
4-10 thermo-climate points
Real-time change

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Streaming service

Imagine a fully integrated, computer-free version (all data and graphics processing performed by the Tesla remote VR-cloud), streaming content directly to the User’s virtual/augmented reality system, that would work together with Teslasuit models remotely and wirelessly.


Teslasuit comes with the software and hardware that helps developers and users to create virtual sensations. Build your own haptic presets, customize existing sensations, adjust every detail, save and share with your friends.


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