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TESLASUIT is designed with the diversity of modern society in mind, looking at the anatomical features to make sure there is a perfect fit for both men and women.


How to measure

heightchestbustwaisthipsleg length

How to Measure Guide

The right size ensures correct electrode placement that is essential for the proper operation of the suit’s systems and getting accurate data. Moreover, taking measures will save you the hassle of having to exchange the purchased items. Enter your measurements into the Size Finder below to get the right size ordered.

If you have any questions about how to measure or require assistance then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How to Measure Guide

We promise that the measurements provided are only to ensure the TESLASUIT fits you as perfectly as possible. We do not use this data for any other purpose.

How to measure:

heightchestbustwaisthipsleg length



Measurements provided

We process your responses through a custom-built sizing tool to get a personalized sizing recommendation. Please note that due to the specific cut and tight fit, the size of the TESLASUIT may differ from the size you normally wear.

You can go the extra mile and use our sizing chart (Measurements guide for men and for women) to cross compare and make sure the calculator’s size is good for you.

How to measure guide