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Dev Kit

Human-to-digital interface designed to monitor human behavior and improve performance, comprising up to three major systems

Order for $12,999
Fullbody VR Suit with Haptic Feedback and Motion Capture

Up to 3 systems
in one product

  • Haptic Feedback
  • Motion Capture
  • Biometrics
Order for $12,999


Wide range

of Haptic Sensations


Electrical Muscle Stimulation


Transcutaneous Electrical
Nerve Stimulation


Functional Electrical Stimulation

Full Body

Motion Tracking




of Body Movement



Pulse Rate



Coming soon


of physical condition

Pulse Rate


The Suit

Smart textile two-piece full body suit consisting of a jacket and trousers.
New technologies combined in a smart fabrics to fit the body as a second skin.

Stretchable, breathable, durable, and even washable

Software Package

Award-Winning Technology

Numerous awards for technical innovation and product design are a significant reassurance to TESLASUIT that we are moving in the right direction



What’s included in the case?

The case includes the suit itself, connection kit, additions, and safety notes.


  • Jacket with two integrated USB Type-C female connectors.
  • Trousers with an integrated USB Type-C female connector.


  • Cover for the jacket and trousers.
  • Shaped cardboard insert for the jacket.
  • Shaped cardboard insert for trousers.
  • Hanger

Connection kit:

  • 300 mm or 350 mm USB Type-C male – USB Type-C male cable for connecting the jacket to the power bank*. The length depends on the suit size and model.
  • 350 mm, 400 mm or 450 mm USB Type-C male – USB Type-C male cable for connecting trousers to the jacket. The length depends on the suit size and model.
  • Electrical signal terminator

Safety Notes

What's not included in the case?

Power bank, charger, and USB Type-C male to USB Type-A male cable are not included in the scope of supply for the recently manufactured suits.

What power banks are compatible with TESLASUIT?

Power bank and charger are not included in scope of supply. For the purpose of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (PI 967, Section 2), power banks are to be classified as batteries and must be assigned to UN 3480, lithium ion batteries, or UN 3090, lithium metal batteries, as applicable. For carriage, power banks must be carried in carry-on baggage only.

To start working with the suit, you need a power bank with the characteristics as follows:

• Dimensions L × W × H, mm (min): 125 × 60 × 12;
• Dimensions L × W × H, mm (max): 145 × 72 × 20;
• Weight, g (max): 350;
• Battery cell type: Lithium Polymer;
• Capacity: at least 10000 mAh;
• Input USB Type-C: 5 V DC, 3 A or 5 V DC, 3 A; 9 V DC, 2 A or 5 V DC, 3 А; 9 V DC, 2 A; 12 V DC 1.5 A;
• Output USB Type-C: 5 V DC, 3 A or 5 V DC, 3 A; 9 V DC, 2 A or 5 V DC, 3 А; 9 V DC, 2 A; 12 V DC 1.5 A;
• Protection functions: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, over- and under- temperature protection.

Are there any medical contraindications for working with the suit?

  • Any acute medical conditions, including but not limited to infections, post-surgery rehabilitation, skin traumas, recent injuries, strokes, concussions, tattoos etc.
  • Hypersensitivity to the suit materials
  • Arrhythmia of any nature and type
  • Pacemakers, insulin pumps, other implantable electronic devices
  • Coagulopathy, haemophilia
  • Dermatitis and eczema
  • Oncological diseases
  • Epilepsy and seizures of any nature
  • Pregnancy

Do I need any special underwear to wear with the suit?

Wear whatever underwear you normally wear daily. Make sure that it doesn’t get between the skin and electrodes as electrodes should contact bare skin to provide haptic feedback.

How to clean the suit properly?

We recommend to use the following cleaning methods for the suit:

  • Professional wet cleaning
  • Steam closet
  • Hand steamer

Antibacterial liquids can be used both for steam closets and steamers. Please note that temporary deformation of the fabric after cleaning is possible.

TESLASUIT Storage & Cleaning Guide

How to store the suit properly?

Our recommendations for the suit storage are as follows:

  • Unplug the power bank.
  • Store the suit on the hanger that comes with your TESLASUIT package.
  • Put on an anti-dust cover that comes with your TESLASUIT package.
  • Store TESLASUIT and its accessories in a cool, dry, and clean place.
  • Don’t turn the suit inside out.
  • Don’t strip the QR codes off the suit.
  • Don’t expose the suit and its accessories to direct sunlight.

TESLASUIT Storage & Cleaning Guide

Where to test the suit before purchase?

You are welcomed to come and visit us during events and exhibitions we participate in over the course of the year. Go to our upcoming events page for more details.


What sizes does TESLASUIT come in?

TESLASUIT comes in standard sizes both for men and women: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large.

How to take body measurements and choose the right suit size?

The right size ensures correct electrode placement that is essential for the proper operation of the suit’s systems and getting accurate data. To get the best fit, please consult our online Measurement Guide.

Guides to download:

Sizing & Measurement Guide. Men

Sizing & Measurement Guide. Women

What is a Custom Size option?

Custom sizing is a good alternative for those who have no matches in our Size Finder or fall in-between sizes.

Our Custom Size option is basic as we only consider a total of 5 measurements (bust/chest circumference, waist circumference, hips circumference, leg length, and height). That isn’t enough information to create a bespoke suit but it is enough for a good fit.

We offer a Custom Size option at no additional charges.

Custom size pieces may take a bit longer to produce. We’ll let you know the estimated lead time once the order is placed.

If you have both standard and custom sizes in one order, we’ll contact you to check whether you want everything in one batch (once the custom is finished) or in two instalments.

Custom size items are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please double-check the measurements provided. You will have to confirm them once again while placing the order.


What operating systems does the TESLASUIT software support?

TESLASUIT software is currently compatible only with Windows OS.

We are constantly working to improve the software and planning to expand the range of supported operating systems for future releases.

What game engines do you have plugins for?

Unity 3D, Unreal Engine

What Unity versions is the plugin compatible with?

The Unity versions officially tested with our latest plugin are 2019.3, 2020.3, 2021.1, 2022.1.

Based on our experience, the plugins could be used with other Unity versions and should cause no technical issues.

What are supported file formats to export motion capture data?

Currently we support csv and fbx.

Price & Methods of payment

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment is possible by credit card or wire transfer. Please note we are currently working only with B2B customers.


How to order TESLASUIT?

You can place the order by completing the online form.

Do you have order minimums?

No, you can order 1 item.

Can I order only a jacket or trousers?

Please contact our sales team to discuss your needs in further detail.

Can I order a custom-made suit?

We are open to custom orders. If you have a special request, contact our sales team at, and we’ll get in touch shortly.

Please note that custom orders may incur extra charges and take a bit longer to produce.



Do you ship worldwide?

We do offer international shipping. The goods are shipped from our warehouse in the European Union.

What shipping carriers do you use?

To ensure you receive the best service for your location, we use a range of different freight providers including FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, etc.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost varies depending on destination country, delivery time, and package weight. Please note that shipping costs are not included in the product price and incurred by the Customer.

Do I have to pay extra for international shipping?

Shipping internationally may require the customer to pay taxes and duties, depending on the value of the shipment and country regulations.