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Location based entertainment
Previously we have written about VR entertainment, but location based entertainment is becoming so significant part of this market that deserves special mention here. Location based entertainment (LBE) is also called "out...
VR entertainment
Virtual reality

VR entertainment: from fun to deep fascination

January 16, 2018
There are numerous focus areas in VR entertainment. We have already reported about the most popular of them, VR gaming in the article “VR Gaming: How Industry Will Propel...
VRARA Teslasuit
We are pleased to announce that Teslasuit has become the global VR/AR Association member. It is an international organization which aims to facilitate cooperation between innovative companies in the...
VR gaming
Virtual reality

VR Gaming: How Industry Will Propel the Technology

October 18, 2017
Virtual reality gives the player new opportunities to experience the game. In particular, VR games opens up a three-dimensional space and opportunity to interact with the virtual environment, e. g....
VR glossary
Virtual reality

VR glossary of 100 terms by Teslasuit

September 14, 2017
In any field, it is important for experts to speak in one language and understand each other easily. The system of categories plays the main role in it. Teslasuit team made...