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With real-world training being too complicated, expensive, and risky, immersive technologies like TESLASUIT provides the foundation for new types of learning environments both safe and immersive


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An extremely accurate representative of real life

Backed by sophisticated technologies, TESLASUIT and immersive systems e.g. headsets and treadmills give the ability to get closer to real life than ever before. Trainees can experience a realistic work setting and fully immersive scenarios with every decision made in the simulation causing immediate physical feedback in real life.

TESLASUIT takes the training process to a whole new level while extremely enhancing performance and mitigating the cost of human error.

Technologies Used

Haptic feedback

The haptic feedback system destroys the concept of passive learning by helping the trainees to intuitively adjust complex, repetitive movements. Every time a movement is made incorrectly during training, the corresponding part of the body receives a tactile response via EMS (gunshot wound, electric shock, explosion shockwave). Thus, muscle memory and motor learning are activated, and users improve performance.

Motion capture

To implement the full two-way communication between the user and training environment TESLASUIT uses an embedded motion capture system. The system tracks movements and displays them in 3D creating a digital visual representation (avatar) of the trainee. The transmission of live data during training allows to track the state and level of performance, analyze its effectiveness, and compare it with the standard.

Biometry system

TESLASUIT biometry system is particularly apt for tracking individual indicators of physical state. Sensors built into the suit allow trainees to maintain comfortable control over their performance and health. In addition, feedback from the data analytics provides employees in hazardous work environments with a health forecast and helps them to avoid injuries.

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