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Teslasuit is a human-to-digital interface designed to simulate experience and accelerate mastery in the physical world.

Seamlessly add a great capability of time synchronous stimulation, telemetry and biommetry which is unique to TESLASUIT line of products

Using Teslasuit in XR adds immersion that will amplify usability testing, human factors projects, product engineering and technology development research programs.

TESLASUIT techologies: advanced haptics, motion capture, neuro-muscular electric stimulation, biometry

Award Winning Product

TESLASUIT CES2019 innovation awards honoree
TESLASUIT red dot award best of the best product of the year 2019
TESLASUIT Future Unicorn Award 2019


The use of TESLASUIT technology allows for remote physical interaction, body language transmitting, remote studies of various rehabilitation techniques, training and teaching. Some scenarios include telepresence of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), procedural analytics, NMES and FES - all with the comfort of a fully wireless and long-life battery powered solution.


TESLASUIT is currently used by some of the world’s largest companies across aerospace, automotive, defence, healthcare, energy and sports utilising our technology.

Some of the areas are depicted below:

Industrial Simulations and Training

Sports Training, Analysis and Rehabilitation

Government Services

Medical Rehabilitation

Oil and Gas Postural Analysis Serious Gaming Stroke
Aerospace Gait Analysis Synthetic Training Spinal Cord Injury
Automotive Biomechanical Analysis Pilot Training Sensory Substitution
Manufacturing Injury Prevention Police Training Neuroplasticity Recovery
Petrochemical Production Movement Benchmarking Firefighter Training Rehabilitation of Balance and Motor Skills
TESLASUIT girl wearing HTC Vive Focus

Our XR suite of products are platform agnostic and compatible with all major game engines

You will have the opportunity to learn, to create innovative product design solutions in a range of styles and media, which factor in purpose, usability, materials, ecology, desirability, technological feasibility and professional constraints.

TESLASUIT compatible engines Unreal, Unity3D, Cryengine and C++ API

A snapshot of just some of our research partners

TESLASUIT XR technology is currently used by some of the world’s largest companies and organisations across aerospace, automotive, defence, healthcare, energy and sports.

To date the TESLASUIT Team has collaborated with more than 50 universities, colleges and research facilities worldwide. The topics and industries vary, but one thing remains - our desire to deliver the quality technology at an affordable price.

Our products are being used in examining issues of autonomy, sustainability, ergonomics and the user experience and interaction in relation to exterior and interior design, surface and colour applications, lifestyle and future design solutions.

University of Amsterdam
John Hopkins University
Technische Universitat Dresden
SIEGEN University
Ryerson University
Ilmenau University
Houston Community College
Coventry University

Industrial Simulations and Training

TESLASUIT can act as a controlled stress generator with a biometrical feed-back and motion capture loop to train and assess the capabilities. Develop resilience to stress in a safe-to-fail environment.

Sports Training, Analysis and Rehabilitation

Motion capture and haptics provide unprecedented tools for physical action mastery with analytics to understand and improve performance.

Government Services

TESLASUIT can be deployed at the point-of-need, allowing trainees in multiple locations from the comfort of their living room, to a base or during a deployment to train for individual and collective skills enabling effective training across active and dynamic missions.

Medical Rehabilitation

TESLASUIT enables rehabilitation professionals with a unique toolkit to enable the learning of physical actions and training user reflexes.


Form Factor

Device form factor

Smart textile two-piece full body suit (jacket and trousers). New technologies combined in a smart fabrics to fit the body as a second skin. Stretchable, breathable, durable and even steamable.

Software Tools

Software included with SDK

  • Haptic Player - play prerecorded haptic tracks. Gives a code-free capability to run NMES and haptic simulations before commitiong to a bigger project
  • Haptic Editor – full scale software for modulating and developing haptic presets
  • Skeletool – a basic tool for motion tracking: setup, calibrating and recording
  • TESLASUIT Experience - multi-location multiplayer VR experience. Experience haptics in different scenarios

Motion Capture


IMU 9 axis and 6 axis modes (9 DOF and 6 DOF)

Number of elements


Location and Fitting

Embedded in the suit in fixed places

Frame rate

200 Hz

Frame rate

200 Hz

Roll & Pitch




Haptic System / NMES


Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Number of electrodes

62 (jacket) + 52 (trousers)

Number of channels

48 (jacket) + 32 (trousers)

Electrode placement

Anatomic locations

Sampling rate

1 kHz per channel


1-300 Hz per channel (software adjustable)


0-55 V AC


~50 mA per 1 kOhm, depending on pulse width and frequency

Half-wave width

1-60 μs (can be adjusted in the application)

Current Feedback System



Number of measurement points

48 (jacket) + 32 (trousers)

Update rate

up to 200 Hz

Half-wave width

1-60 μs

Electrocardiography (ECG)

Number of channels


Type of detection


Voltage range

±1 mV



2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n

Power Supply


Rechargable Li-Ion 10 000 MAh battery

Battery life

Up to 10 hours, depending on the usage scenario


5 V DC (±0.25 V)


max 2 A


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