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TESLASUIT collaborates with Sony Pictures Television on exciting VR format

TESLASUIT team has been collaborating with Sarah Edwards, Creative Director of Global Unscripted Formats and head of Sony Pictures Televisions (SPT) brand new Future Formats team on a very exciting new VR format.

Although it’s too early in the project to announce all the exciting details, it’s fair to say we have had a lot of fun bringing the games to life and creating an immersive, exhilarating experience for participants with the aid of the TESLASUIT.

The TESLASUIT provides an unprecedented level of engagement in the virtual reality experience. Haptic feedback has a dramatic influence on the wearer’s perception of VR. Touch pushes the boundaries of 2 senses converting an artificially created environment into much more than just a picture and a sound.

We can’t wait to share further details on the project down the line and we look forward to collaborating with Sarah & her team on future innovative and exciting projects for the world of TV!