A VR/AR training platform for Public Safety.

Train to perform under pressure with a state-of-the-art solution

An extremely accurate substitute for real-world conditions

It’s often impossible to put humans in the scenarios they really need to train for in public safety. With virtual and augmented reality, TESLASUIT gives trainers the ability to get closer to real life every before, backed by sophisticated technology to measure results.

Platform Features

Platform Features

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Train for composure under pressure with simulated VR environments and haptic feedback

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Scale expertise by creating a virtual subject matter expert to guide trainee’s

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Embedded galvanic skin sensors can measure stress in training

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Motion capture lets you review and compare performance of individuals and teams

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Haptic feedback trains reflexes quickly and effectively

How It Works

Capture and Refine

Leverage your experts and TESLASUIT’s technology to turn mission critical scenarios into re-useable VR/AR curriculum

Adapt and Improve

Leverage the Developer Kit and haptics library for program changes and updates

Measure and Compare

Use our software suite to analyze and notate on critical factors

Train and Scale

Run programs in one or multiple facilities, easily and repeatably