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TESLASUIT at GITEX: The Metaverse, Smart Cities, and… Boxing with a World Champion!

GITEX is one of the biggest tech events in the world, with thousands of companies exhibiting and 100,000+ attendees from 170+ countries this year. It is hosted in Dubai, a perfect destination for the technology industry to discuss, debate, and challenge new ideologies and showcase new products, bringing together thought leaders, creators, and innovators.

The TESLASUIT team were invited by the event organizers and partners to showcase both the TESLASUIT and TESLAGLOVE at three different exhibition stands across the sprawling venue, spanning over two million square feet.

TESLASUIT at GITEX: The Metaverse, Smart Cities, and… Boxing with a World Champion! 1

As a guest of the main sponsor, Etisalat, we had a demo area in the digital cities zone alongside flying bikes, robots, and even a self-driving supercar. We had the opportunity to showcase our technology to not only the Etisalat leadership teams but to their clients and partners as well. Hundreds of TESLASUIT demos took place for the attending executives focused on identifying cutting-edge tech solutions.

The metaverse certainly was one of the hottest topics on the agenda at this year’s GITEX, following the recently announced Dubai government’s plans to make the city one of the top 10 metaverse economies by 2030. A brand new pavilion called the X-VERSE appeared specially to house the tech companies, brands, and content creators leading the innovation in this field.

Basically, X-VERSE was a who-is-who of the leading companies in the rising industry. Exhibitors included Microsoft, Decentraland, Sensorium, Varjo, Aston Martin, HTC, and even H&M fashion powerhouse showcasing a recent fashion show hosted in the metaverse.

When we were first asked for the TESLASUIT showcase in the X-VERSE pavilion, we knew the pressure was on to build something very special to deliver a unique activation.

TESLASUIT at GITEX: The Metaverse, Smart Cities, and… Boxing with a World Champion! 9
GITEX Global’s X-VERSE tent

Along with our partners Digicomm, we created the world’s first true haptic XR boxing experience, X-Fighter. If you have ever fancied taking on a boxing legend in the ring, that was the perfect time to put your skills to the test and challenge no other than Amir Khan, an ex-world champion.

Boxing with a world champion in virtual reality. Do your best as that may hurt a bit!

Utilizing the haptic systems of the TESLASUIT, every time Amir landed a punch, the motion capture and full-body haptics systems delivered a very realistic body blow. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, but it didn’t deter the guest from wanting to don a suit, enter the ring, and take their chance!

Other interesting use cases included CBI, the first-ever UAE bank in the metaverse. Guests had the opportunity to use their online bank in the Decantraland virtual location and order lunch to be delivered in real life straight to the BCI stand in the X-VERSE pavilion within minutes.

We also had our own TESLASUIT dedicated booth with our partners from TAKELEAP and our guests from Somnium Space, who demonstrated how the TESLASUIT is able to deliver the ultimate immersive experience.

Somnium Space & TESLASUIT

By wearing a TESLASUIT, users can experience the true potential and future of social interaction in the Somnium metaverse, from having the ability to experience flying to feeling a multitude of weather conditions to even allowing physical interaction with the other users in their spaces.