Faster, more effective training

Peak performance is a science.

The world’s best coaches and trainers are a limited resource. With TESLASUIT, the expert is embedded into the simulation, as though every user has an expert personal trainer with them every step of the way. TESLASUIT allows for faster, more effective training than ever before by precise comparison, not just an eye test.

Platform Features

Platform Features

motion capture icon

Use motion capture to record perfect technique and sequences of movement

biometrics icon

Measure stress and fitness levels in real-time and monitor progress over time

haptic feedback icon

Trigger haptic feedback when any motion doesn’t match a program recording

sofware icon

Use our haptic library to trigger haptic feedback for training on the fly

How It Works

Capture and Refine

Leverage your experts and TESLASUIT’s technology to turn mission critical scenarios into re-useable VR/AR curriculum

Adapt and Improve

Leverage the Developer Kit and haptics library for program changes and updates

Measure and Compare

Use our software suite to analyze and notate on critical factors

Train and Scale

Run programs in one or multiple facilities, easily and repeatably