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Vodafone and TESLASUIT – ‘The magic of connection’

Following from our Vodafone World’s first 5G haptic rugby tackle #5gamechanger last year we are extremely excited about our continued partnership and being part of this magical Christmas TV campaign, a beautiful narrative ‘The magic of connection’.

Vodafone has released the 2020 Vodafone Christmas advert, which showcases 5G VR streaming and a haptic TESLASUIT.

The magic of connection

The ad shows a young boy with a broken leg, who cannot go out and play and instead has to watch his sister enjoying the Christmas snow. However, all is not lost.

His sister has left him a very special present under his bed – a 5G virtual reality headset and a TESLASUIT. Once put on the technology enables him to share a magical sledging experience with his sister in real time over Vodafone’s high-speed 5G network.

“Using the power of 5G, we wanted to demonstrate the future and full potential of this technology in helping to maintain connections in those moments where we cannot be together,” – Nick Read CEO Vodafone.

The ad premiered on some of the UK TV slots, “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” on ITV and “Gogglebox” on Channel 4. In the spirit of Christmas, Vodaphone is giving away 250,000 30GB SIM cards to schools in partnership with Barnardos.

The Team TESLASUIT wish you all a very Happy Xmas and New Year!