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TESLASUIT with collaboration partners presents various VR-Training Demo for different industries

TESLASUIT team takes part in CES 2019 in Las Vegas on January 8-11, 2019. TESLASUIT with collaboration partners presents various VR-Training Demonstrations for improved human performance in different business verticals, including aerospace, oil and gas industries, power plant. Visitors can test the unique smart suit and demo the solution for these business domains.

«TESLASUIT as a platform solution for xR Training generated great interest and demand from enterprises. TESLASUIT offers an integrated approach to solving corporate training requirements. The synergy of several systems allows for simulating conditions more realistically and to monitor the state of well being of the trainee», – said Sergei Nossoff, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

TESLASUIT team invites developers, business partners in various industries, media to try and evaluate the possibilities of VR Training with TESLASUIT at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Book your demo by writing to

Here is an overview of VR-Training solutions in TESLASUIT that available for demo at CES.

Astronaut VR Training in TESLASUIT by CROC 

During a futuristic VR session, which is a simplified version of a full astronaut training in the module of the International Space Station, a user has to dock a spacecraft to the International Space Station in order to deliver supplies for comfortable stay there. The user has to move from one station module to another in a gravity-free environment, open hatches with special tools, turn away from chaotically flying items, collision with which is felt like a hit in TESLASUIT, as well as power off an electric field that separates the International Space Station from the spacecraft and shocks in case of any interference.

“We see a big potential and demand for technology that enables users get haptic feedback and immerse themselves into virtual reality. This is especially true for the manufacturing sector, where companies are striving to obtain ergonomic and handy VR tools for training purposes. In partnership with TESLASUIT, we are ready to take part in this product development and tailoring for our customers, i.e. the largest enterprises in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and energy sectors,” said Ilya Simonov, Director of CROC Virtual Reality Center.

Oil-loading ramp operation VR-simulator in TESLASUIT by ModumLab

ModumLab has developed VR-training for fuel loading operators. Employees underestimate the risks of certain actions quite often. Therefore, it is hard to train staff in case of a possible emergency at work. Field training doesn’t give enough opportunities to exercise as a team and to evaluate teamwork skills of each employee. VR-simulator with haptic feedback and biometric data collection process provides these training opportunities.

VR Training in TESLASUIT emulates actions that must be performed according to the regulations in case of emergency. Due to the haptic feedback and a unique content environment, a trainee actually feels the complexity of separate actions and will be able to evaluate physically the safe distance to fire.  Biometric data collection helps to regulate the number of training sessions. As user actions reach a certain level of automatism, the stress from realistic immersion into emergency gets lower. There are three available training modes: single-person session, mentor-supervised session, and team session. In the future, the project will allow to prepare staff for a wide range of emergency situations at work and to carry out regular skill checks spending minimal resources and time.

Emergency evacuation VR-Training in TESLASUIT by Inlusion Netforms

The special case for training is evacuation from Oil&Gas platform. This solution has been created for oil platform workers, technical and service staff, students. The main challenge it addresses is low efficiency and high costs of evacuation trainings from Oil&Gas sea platform. VR Training allows realistic emergency training under customizable emergency situations on the Oil&Gas platform. The cost-efficient product that does not require being on platform, use any real-life platform objects for training and big amount of training personnel. Information is perceived by up to 90%.

“VR training software brings a whole new level of employee education to industrial companies. Not only we enable 100% safe training environments, unlimited possibility of repeat&learn, but also offer realistic virtual environments – they look identical to the real ones. This and the flexibility we offer are two of the main reasons our customers appreciate our XR solutions in particular” said Lina Bilyte, Inlusion Netforms’ business development executive.

Powerplant VR Training Simulator in TESLASUIT by Sensorama & DTEK

VR solution allows to speed up the staff training in a safer environment. Newcomers can now learn and practice their work in an accurately reconstructed VR environment of a virtual power plant without any danger to their health and company equipment. The simulator has been created by Sensorama – immersive studio in partnership with Ukraine’s leading energy company DTEK. Developed on Unreal Engine for integration with TESLASUIT, VR training simulator allows to see highly detailed VR graphics with HTC Vive Pro and feel full body haptic feedback, error augmentation, and stress situations simulation just as it would happen on the real enterprise.

A highly developed form of computer modeling allows an operator to immerse in the artificial world. The user can act directly in it with the help of special sensory devices that link movements with audio-visual effects. In this case, the user’s visual, auditory, tactile, and motor sensations are replaced by their imitation, generated by a computer system with full body haptic VR suit. At the same time, biometric system of the TESLASUIT analyzes human performance and health (workforce and human performance analytics).

TESLASUIT and VR Training solution on this platform are available at booth 21645 (MP25678) at the exhibition venue of LVCC – South Hall 1. In addition, The world’s first unique full-body haptic suit, CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in Virtual and Augmented Reality, will be on display in the Innovation Awards Showcase.

Start your journey with TESLASUIT at CES!


TESLASUIT was first officially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2018 where TESLASUIT was highlighted as one of the most interesting innovations presented. Authoritative high-tech media outlet Tech Crunch also considered TESLASUIT the future of full-body haptic technology. This year, TESLASUIT has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

TESLASUIT is the world’s first full-body haptic suit that makes the experience in virtual and augmented reality more realistic and effective through the synergy of systems: haptics, motion capture, and biometry. At present, TESLASUIT is intended for integration into a diverse range of enterprise applications and training solutions. In the future, TESLASUIT will be widely used in games and entertainment, fitness and sports, wellness and healthcare.  

The integrated complex of these elements provides improved human performance with TESLASUIT. TESLASUIT’s haptic technology allows to transmit touch: it is actually an additional channel of communication and a new way of making VR experience deeper, immersive, and more realistic. Electrostimulation based haptics is proven to increase immersion and improve learning.  By means of stimulation of muscles and nerve endings, the human body becomes more alert and active, which favors learning.