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TESLASUIT navigated more than 50 demos at DevGAMM

DevGAMM is one of the largest conferences for game developers in Russia and the CIS, which is held several times a year in different cities, gathering more than 3,500 people a year.


TESLASUIT team showed VR suit to a wide audience there.


Almost all of our team attended the DevGAMM game developers’ conference. Together with the volunteers, we amounted to almost 40 people.

Teslasuit team at DevGAMM

All our team was very pleased to see each and every one of you at the TESLASUIT booth. We received so amazing feedback and excited about new achievements.

The very first feedback from TESLASUIT testers at DevGAMM

  • “Innovative idea”
  • “Deeper immersion in virtual reality”
  • “Generated sensations complement VR, making it closer to real reality”
  • “It’s so unusual that now senses are in focus of virtual reality”
  • “Haptic feedback makes the events in VR unexpected and surprising”
  • “Even as we speak sensation is core component of immersive VR”

Teslasuit testing

Thank you for all the feedback and special thanks to those who came to the event specifically for testing TESLASUIT.


The event showed great interest in TESLASUIT on the part of game developers. The feedback of the experiencers has surpassed all our expectations.

Here are the main results of DevGAMM 2017 for TESLASUIT.

  1. More than 50 demonstrations have been navigated for 2 days. Anyone who felt like it could test our full-body haptic suit.

Teslasuit testing

Teslasuit testing

2. About 3,000 people were covered. Exactly the same number of people attended the conference.

3. Male and female size full ranges were presented for testing.

4. Before the conference we have completed integration with 2 VR games: Drunk or Dead and SST.

5. We have made arrangements for partnerships with game developers, which are ready to begin the integration of TESLASUIT into games.

If you were not at the conference or did not have time to negotiate with us for cooperation, do it right now! Send us the description of your project to