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TESLASUIT Motion Capture System

This is the second part of the articles’ series about mocap. The first one was about the essence of motion capture and its forms. Motion capture system is only one part of TESLASUIT multi module suit. Functioning in conjunction with haptic and thermal control, motion capture can immerse the wearer deeper into gaming and VR environment. 

Motion capture is an inherent part of the live imagery. Recording and broadcasting of human movements are widespread in all areas where visualization is used. Thus, that is mocap what makes real-time virtualization possible.

To implement the full two-way communication between the user and the virtual/augmented reality simulator TESLASUIT uses an embedded proprietary motion capture system. That’s why full body TESLASUIT motion capture system adds gaming and VR/AR user maximum degree of immersion, especially in non-sitting simulation games and activities.  In particular, mocap system consists of 11 modules, each of them is equipped with MEM’s motion sensors.

Teslasuit motion capture sensors

TESLASUIT motion capture sensors

MEM’s are micro-electromechanical systems of devices that involve both mechanical and electrical parts to determine the physical properties of objects. In our case, MEM’s motion sensors transmit precise body’s position into a virtual environment. There are several advantages of MEM’s motion sensors:

– small;

– sturdy;

– great accuracy of capturing (movements recording);

– low response time.

The MEM’s motion sensors transfer the position of joint angles of the limbs. The data obtained from them are sent to the slave microcontrollers. After the main microcontroller reads all the data from them, processed data transfer wirelessly to a computer, tablet or smartphone device.

11 motion capture sensors send accurate data back to the gaming and AR/VR environment providing perfect feedback regarding the location of the user within the system/game/app.

TESLASUIT is able to completely simulate user’s body movements in AR/VR environments сreating a digital representation of the user that is called an avatar or “skin”. Such an implementation provides a higher degree of personalisation.


TESLASUIT motion capture system

Summing up, TESLASUIT motion capture system has the following benefits:

– avatar system;

– 11 motion capture sensors;

– motion and gesture control;

– onboard processing;

– works on many operating systems and devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux)

– compatible with Motion Builder, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D.

If you want to ask any specific details, please, feel free to contact us or comment below.

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