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TESLASUIT joins Accenture Interactive at SXSW 2019

TESLASUIT team joins Accenture Interactive at SXSW 2019 in Austin, Texas on March 8-11, 2019.

TESLASUIT proudly presents a Social VR Demo at the event. The demo showcases two users interacting haptically in virtual reality (VR) with different virtual objects and each other. Haptic feedback is the main showcased technology, supported by motion capture and biometry to create a powerful system’s synergy.  A wide range of haptic sensations is demonstrated.

The demonstration particularly focuses on use cases for TESLASUIT in social VR, such as social interaction, task collaboration, and multi-player gaming. In each interaction, a user feels tactile sensations as realistic haptic feedback simulated via EMS/TENS technologies. Enhanced immersion and engagement of muscle memory allow for improved human performance in VR.

Social VR Demo case is comprised of complex activities rooms: military with shooting gallery (shot, a bullet hit, weapon recoil), sensations library (wind, blast), a music room that complements sounds with the matching haptics.


TESLASUIT was first officially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2018 where TESLASUIT was highlighted as one of the most interesting innovations presented. Authoritative high-tech media outlet Tech Crunch also considered TESLASUIT the future of full-body haptic technology. This year, TESLASUIT has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in Virtual and Augmented Reality and Future Unicorn Award winner. 

TESLASUIT is the world’s first full-body haptic suit that makes the experience in virtual and augmented reality more realistic and effective through the synergy of systems: haptics, motion capture, and biometry. At present, TESLASUIT is intended for integration into a diverse range of enterprise applications and training solutions. In the future, TESLASUIT will be widely used in games and entertainment, fitness and sports, wellness and healthcare.  

The integrated complex of haptics, motion capture, and biometry provides improved human performance with TESLASUIT. TESLASUIT’s haptic technology allows to transmit touch: it is actually an additional channel of communication and a new way of making VR experience deeper, immersive, and more realistic. Electrostimulation based haptics increases immersion, stimulates neural activity, fosters muscle memory, thus improving learning.