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TESLASUIT Temperature Control System

TESLASUIT as a full body haptic feedback suit provides temperature sensations. It has Peltier elements installed to simulate temperature changes. Temperature control system imitates positive and negative temperatures by changing the voltage and polarity of the current.

Peltier elements have the following advantages:

  • maintain the necessary temperature when the temperature of the environment is higher or lower required;
  • make no noise;
  • are able to achieve a very large temperature difference;
  • have a small size and may be implemented into diminutive devices.

Temperature control system of our virtual reality haptic suit provides the user with more realistic immersive sensations, associated with temperature and thermosetting selected by the user and content provider. Rapid changes in temperature can be created through heating and cooling elements. It will also allow the user to cool down the body, for example, during intensive gaming sessions.


TESLASUIT climate control

Features of TESLASUIT temperature control system

  • Temperature ranges

TESLASUIT temperature control allows to feel the temperature range from 20 °C to 40 °C, or from 68 °F to 104 °F.

  • Thermal points

TESLASUIT contains from 4 to 10 thermal points depending on the suit’s version.

TESLASUIT Temperature Control System 2

TESLASUIT temperature control points

  • Real-time change

Heating and cooling elements ensure rapid changes in temperature. Within mere seconds it’s possible to simulate anything from a walk in the sun to the freezing chill, or from forest fires to bomb explosions.

TESLASUIT as potential thermal clothing

There are many features that smart clothing can have. According to the research of The NPD Group, heating properties of smart fabrics are in demand by 22 % of respondents. Interest to cooling fabric was demonstrated by 33 % of potential customers of smart clothing. TESLASUIT will come in various spec versions. If the above-mentioned trend continues or intensifies, one never knows, perhaps there will be a thermo-only suit coming to market in the nearest future. Temperature control system is one part of TESLASUIT multi modular system. Functioning in conjunction with haptic and motion capture systems, thermal control can immerse the wearer deeper into gaming and VR environment.  If you want to ask any specific details, please, feel free to contact us or comment below.