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October 2020 mini-update

Nothing can stop the TESLASUIT Team working on the TESLASUIT Glove reveal campaign. Our director was managing the process from the US, our team in London was capturing the video assets needed for the CGI, thanks to our friends at VRgineers, Inc. we have just the headset to impress.

We have been spending our week-ends to shoot the video for the CGI as our in-house studio is very busy during the week and is being used for Machine Learning and AI work.

The process direction was being done remotely, in the spirits of many other studios worldwide during the Covid19 epidemic. Our co-director and cameraman Max has been going over hundreds of takes tirelessly for the entire day. We salute his and the team persistence!

There are many projects in our pipeline that we are working on right now. Some of it is getting announced in the next two months.

As a conclusion it is worth mentioning that the team spirit is as high as ever at TESLASUIT and nothing will stop us from moving forward. We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on.