Meet TESLASUIT at AVRA DAYS in Moscow, Russia

  • By Dimitri Mikhalchuk
  • November 25, 2019

50 experts, 30 VR-projects, 1,500 guests: TESLASUIT will be in attendance at Russia’s yearly premier event on the effectiveness of AR/VR/AI/5G technologies for business.  

Sergey Nossoff, TESLASUIT’s CEO, will take centre stage as one of the event’s main speakers to reveal the latest on the VR-perspective in various fields from business to medicine, sport, and the space industry.    

AVRA DAYS is a digital forum, held annually in Moscow, and organized by the Association of Augmented, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Technologies, the professional association of AR / VR companies, customers, institutes and professionals of IT and Centre Expertise in Interactive Technologies in the CIS area. At this key event, industry professionals will gather to share good practice and experience in the sphere of AR/VR/AI/5G technologies. AVRA DAYS will take place over two days – 26-27th November 2019 – and will include panel discussions, exhibitions and educational workshops.    

At the event, the foremost experts from Russia, the USA, and Europe will speak on the latest trends, the best business cases out there and monetisation in the sphere. Among the esteemed guests are the heads of innovation, CTOs, CEOs, heads of retail, HR, and investors. TESLASUIT’s CEO Sergey Nossoff will share his knowledge and experience on why hyper-real simulation is required in the sports, medicine, and space industries, and how it saves millions of dollars and human lives.  

Meet Sergey at the panel discussion at 17.00 on the 26th of November. TESLASUIT won’t feature a booth at the event this time around, but if you would like to schedule a meeting, please drop us an email to  

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