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HSS Innovation Institute and TESLASUIT to Advance Healthcare with Immersive ХR Training Technology

World #1 in Orthopedics partners with VR Electronics, pioneer in full-body sensors, to develop next generation wearable technology for rehabilitation, clinical care, performance and wellness.

LONDON, (July 6, 2021) — The Innovation Institute at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and VR Electronics Ltd. (VRE)- maker of TESLASUIT and other advanced human-to-digital interface technologies – today announced a partnership to create movement wear and full-body-suit-based technology to improve human motion assessments for diagnostics, performance training, and next generation rehabilitation.

HSS is the world’s leading academic medical center specializing in orthopedics, rheumatology, and related disciplines. In Orthopedics, HSS is ranked No. 1 in the world by Newsweek, and No. 1 in the nation – for the past 11 years – by U.S. News & World Report.

VRE is the developer of TESLASUIT, the world’s first smart full-body suit designed to improve the user’s motor skills through electro-stimulation in XR (VR/AR) training, utilizing rich real-time data. The collaboration is the first aimed at assessing and fundamentally improving human movement and physical rehabilitation using full body sensors, covering 95% of the muscle mass of the human body. It combines 157 years of accumulated HSS knowledge of musculoskeletal health with TESLASUIT smart technology, which integrates biometry, motion capture and haptic feedback. Through the HSS Innovation Institute, the partnership aims to advance personalized, real-time diagnostics, training and physical rehabilitation.

“HSS has a unique responsibility and opportunity to advance the field of musculoskeletal health, combining our expertise and state-of-the-art technology for better wellness, injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery,” said Louis A. Shapiro, President and CEO of HSS. “This partnership with TESLASUIT is another example of how we are fulfilling our Purpose, to help people get back to what they need and love to do better than any other place in the world.”

The TESLASUIT award-winning smart bodysuit offers a combination of integrated technologies and is the first wearable technology in the market to combine haptic feedback biometry, advanced motion capture system which alongside EMS and TENS, can deliver a wide range of sensations and collect rich data from the body for real-time tracking that can enable detailed analytics.

“Our products’ effectiveness for enhancing human performance is already proven for XR synthetic training across many of the world’s largest companies and research institutions. So partnering with HSS makes perfect sense to utilize TESLASUIT’s technologies in innovative medicine, combining our advanced systems’ technologies and joint expertise. Together we can significantly improve the quality of patient care. Our partnership with the Hospital for SpecialSurgery will extend our capability to be at the forefront of immersive technology, powering the future of medical healthcare solutions.” said Sergei Nossoff, CEO of VR Electronics Ltd.

In Medicine and Rehabilitation, the TESLASUIT combined technologies allow physicians to process and analyze biometry and movement data for diagnostics and monitoring purposes, allowing instant haptic feedback, to extend each session using advanced EMS & TENS to enhance user performance and experience throughout the rehabilitation lifecycle.

“Integrating HSS knowledge and expertise within TESLASUIT technology will continue to propel HSS ahead in Next Generation Care. This is another example of how HSS is bringing technology to the world through development of high-quality remote diagnostics, virtual monitoring, and data-driven training across the continuum of care.” said Jordan Harmon, HSS Vice President of Care Delivery Innovation.

This collaboration will further support HSS’s plans to expand its footprint in Performance and Prevention, using data science as a backbone to improve motion analytics for musculoskeletal care, and leverage wearable technology for a connected healthcare experience.“This partnership will bring together the best minds across muscular skeletal health and wearable technology market-leaders to help empower patients and consumers to move better, train better, rehab better, and live better” said Leonard Achan, President of the HSS Innovation Institute.