Teslasuit team made a demo for more than 100 people at VR Days

Author: Dimitri Mikhalchuk
Oct 29, 2018 | 2 mins to read
VR Days Teslasuit

Last week milestone XR event, VR Days Europe in Amsterdam drew to a close. Teslasuit team played a full role on all three days of the event.

Dimitri Mikhalchuk, Senior Vice-President of Business Development, talked about gamification in enterprise at xR Enterprise Summit. How gamification can change enterprise business processes? Why VR training is the most suitable gamification solution for enterprise training? What certain purpose does haptics serve in VR?  Dimitri Mikhalchuk put one’s cards on the table in his speech. In addition, he recounted the concept Dale’s “Cone of Experience” and 4 components of effective learning by pioneer of e-learning Michael Allen applied to optimizing and increasing the effectiveness of VR training.

VR Days

VR Days Teslasuit

Also Dimitri Mikhalchuk took part at Media, Art, Entertainment Summit where described future trends of LBVR Hardware.

Teslasuit team made a demo for 100 people at the event. The Teslasuit was tested by representatives of different industries such as:

  • enterprise
  • military
  • police
  • research
  • entertainment
  • VR gaming

Our BDM team mentioned below was glad to see everyone at our booth:

  • Sergei Nossoff, CEO
  • Dimitri Mikhalchuk, SVPBD
  • Denis Dybsky, BDM
  • Alexandra Paramonova, BDM
  • Tatiana Ryzhova, Global PR Manager

VR Days Teslasuit

VR Days Teslasuit

VR Days Teslasuit

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  1. Welldone

    So, you guys, are from Ukraine?

    • dimitri.m

      Actually not 🙂 We are a British Company with offices in London, UK and Minsk, Belarus 🙂

  2. Julian

    Do you have a video of the demo?

  3. Ha ha! I thought you are Russians :). Because all the names looks like are Russian. I very interested! It’s a realy good invention i guess. It would be nice to play the next generation of VR Games with your suit. Hope you become a very popular company, people to enjoy your staff, and you could make even better things. I want it to be so popular , so most of the people could allow themself to have this thing. Good luck to you guys!!!
    When could we buy this thing?