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Engineering Step Up with Siemens’ NX

Our cooperation with Siemens started in 2020. At that time, we were looking for a complex tool both for design and technological production preparation and for engineering analysis. The key business goal was to reduce the time for designing and introducing new products and to enhance product quality improvement processes. We analyzed the market of CAD, CAM, CAE systems and chose NX by Siemens as the most appropriate solution. NX is an advanced high-end system that includes the following subsystems: 

  • CAD (Computer-aided design), 
  • CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing),
  • CAE (Computer-aided engineering).

NX by Siemens stands out by high performance, stable operation and great potential. NX offers solutions for almost all design stages from working with a sketch to generating a file prepared for working with a 3D printer or CNC machine. NX uses Parasolid graphics core, a standard for various CAD systems, which provides the ability to exchange data between these systems and NX. 

TESLASUIT team uses Siemens’ NX as one of the main design tools for our products. Advanced Siemens’ NX tools such as freeform modeling, parametric surfaces, advanced direct modeling, synchronous modeling, and dynamic rendering allow us to develop design quickly and prepare a product for production.  

Engineering Step Up with Siemens’ NX 1

NX is exceptionally user-friendly. TESLASUIT engineers note that the interface is clear and intuitive, they feel very comfortable to work with NX software. With the help of Siemens’ NX, we have designed TESLASUIT Glove and detachable nodes for TESLASUIT. NX allows solving the full range of tasks assigned to the design department. We actively use a variety of NX tools to manage surfaces and assemblies. We also enjoy working with the Shape Studio and WAVE Geometry Linker.  

The synchronous modeling provides faster correction and thus hastens the creation process of parts. The surface analysis helps significantly improve the quality of the final product. Due to collaboration with Siemens, we have experienced eloquent improvements in quality. Consistent use of NX has helped TESLASUIT to achieve a higher level of accuracy and functionality. With Siemens’ NX, we have significantly decreased the number of costly design errors. Furthermore, using this software we can respond promptly and effectively to rapid changes. As a result, we have managed to reduce administrative costs. 

Siemens’ NX is a kind of software that helps in achieving your goals in the shortest terms. NX translates a designer’s flight of fantasy into reality. Our team is motivated to keep long-term cooperation with Siemens. We know these guys are keen on constant development. So, we are looking forward to new releases from Siemens to apply new features in TESLASUIT technologies.