8,000 + guests, 200+ product demonstrations, 1 award: TESLASUIT at CES 2020

  • By Alice Jones
  • January 20, 2020

Setting the tempo for the year, we showcased at CES 2020, the world’s premier event for technology innovation, in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the event, TESLASUIT gave visitors the chance to try the suit live in action, wowing the crowds. Our latest product was also accepted with enthusiasm, and the team returned with a new award – BEST XR WEARABLE. 

CES 2020, the world’s premier consumer technology event, was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 7th -10th January. This year, TESLASUIT was joined at the event by their partners Vision Lab Apps (VLA). Combining their forces, they brought visitors a unique VR enterprise training experience – “Working at Heights.” 

In total, more than 200 live product demonstrations were held, and that’s before mentioning more than 8,000 people visited TESLASUIT booth. The company enjoyed the great honor of being scheduled into the programs of numerous CES2020 VIP-tours. Among which guests included individuals from a wide range of multinational professional services, such as Deloitte and representatives from the National University System, specializing in education for working professionals. 

2019 TESLASUIT was nominated at the DreamlandXR: Music, Technology and E-Sports Festival Online Awards Competition as the Best Haptic Solution. After public voting and a later selection by panelists, TESLASUIT became the BEST XR WEARABLE. TESLASUIT CRO Dimitri Mikhalchuk was also invited to speak at the DREAMLAND XR Festival on the future of wearable accessories. 

Brand-New VR-Gloves  

TESLASUIT GLOVE made real noise at CES this year, creating buzz across the event and beyond. This wearable AR/VR technology is set to be the next step in the cross-reality experience. This company’s latest invention was announced at the end of the 2019 year, and there were a lot who couldn’t wait to see it for themselves. During CES2020, TESLASUIT representatives gave more than 30 interviews to top media brands about the company’s success and its latest release. Discover more about TESLASUIT GLOVE read this post. 

TESLASUIT in Action 

The event’s visitors had the opportunity to participate in and experience the potential of TESLASUIT for XR training with realistic demo scenarios. 

3 demos were available at CES, presented in cooperation with TESLASUIT partners, that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the exciting TESLASUIT experience.  

VLA presented a unique enterprise training experience called “Working at Heights,” showcasing at the TESLASUIT booth. This realistic scenario, made possible by the partnership between TESLASUIT and VLA, immerses the suit’s users into the workplace environment where they can experience the thrill and dizziness that comes with working at heights. The demo allows users to train safely without any risk to personnel or property.  Read more about this unmissable experience in our blog. 

Schlumberger’s demo recreates a training scenario on an oil rig. The user’s journey starts in the control room and extends to the platform, allowing the user to experience skin contact with oil particles, feedback from turning valves, and even explosions, giving a realistic training experience.   

DTEK’s XR experience immerses users into a power plant training scenario. As the user journeys through the experience, they are able to complete various vital tasks related to inspections and repairs, allowing them to train effectively for real life.   

“At TESLASUIT we are pleased with the results of CES. We showcased our latest updates and proved just how TESLASUIT would change the world in the future. We’re already seeing our technology in use in enterprise training, rehabilitation, medicine, sport, public safety and thanks to new contacts and potential partnerships are primed to see even more developments in the future.” – said Sergei Nossoff, CEO of TESLASUIT. 

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