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60th Anniversary of First Man in Space

On this day 60 years ago, April, 12, Yuri #Gagarin became the first man who took a legendary flight to space.

We are proud of this achievement and pleased to share that the #TESLASUIT R&D team is engaged in programs supporting “Mars 2030” initiative as well as other space initiatives around the world working with #NASA, Canadian Aerospace, Australian Aerospace, European Space Agency and many others.

Our technology is current being used to monitor and measure the long-term effects of space travel from muscle atrophy, mental well-being to even allowing the feeling of a virtual hug from a loved one whilst in space, working with our partners we are even aiming to have the #TESLAGLOVE sent to space as part of these programs

“We look to boldly go where no haptic suits have been before….. end of Captains log”

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