Meet TESLASUIT at CES 2020

The TESLASUIT team is thrilled to announce a new product release at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES 2020 […]

  • Alice Jones
    December 17, 2019

Meet TESLASUIT at AVRA DAYS in Moscow, Russia

50 experts, 30 VR-projects, 1,500 guests: TESLASUIT will be in attendance at Russia’s yearly premier event on the effectiveness of AR/VR/AI/5G technologies […]

  • Dimitri Mikhalchuk
    November 25, 2019

Improved Human Performance Technology in VR Training Was Presented By TESLASUIT at CES 2019

Teslasuit team took part in the largest international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 8-11, 2019. The annual convention attracts more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, 6,500 journalists and about 180,000 visitors from more than 150 countries of the world.

Teslasuit’s booth enjoyed high interest and traffic from visitors. During the 4 days, 15 team members were working in two areas (at the booth and in the meeting room) simultaneously. Teslasuit team made more than 100 demonstrations, spoke to more than 4,000 visitors, gave a number of interviews and comments for the world media. Teslasuit was mentioned in publications in Digital Trends, British GQ, VR Fitness Insider, YAHOO Finance, Digit, Bloomberg, Innovation&Tech and others.

“For the first time, we presented Teslasuit to the public at CES 2018 and then got to the top of the most popular gadgets. Now, a year later, at the next exhibition, we became the honoree of the prestigious CES Innovation Awards in the category of Virtual and Augmented Reality. During the convention, Teslasuit was mentioned by industry experts among the trendsetters in technology development. We had more attention and a long line of customers interested in Teslasuit’s capabilities”, – said Sergei Nossoff, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Teslasuit.

In the framework of CES, Teslasuit, alongside with collaboration partners, presented various VR training demonstrations for improved human performance in different business verticals, including Aerospace, Power, Oil and Gas industries.

VR training with the introduction of Teslasuit tactile feedback capabilities for the Aerospace industry was created by CROC.

VR simulator of working at a power plant was provided by  Sensorama & DTEK. This is a training course that includes a set of tasks for repairing individual components of a power plant. DTEK’s Innovation Director Emanuele Volpe said that integration with the Teslasuit suit allows to practice in a virtual power plant environment without putting yourself at risk.

ModumLab, especially for the exhibition in Las Vegas, expanded the demo simulator of working at the oil-loading rack, integrated with the Teslasuit earlier and presented at VR Days in Amsterdam for the first time.

Inlusion Netforms presented a demo-case for emergency evacuation from an oil and gas platform.

“We are currently focusing on working with corporate clients in the b2b segment to use Teslasuit for VR training in various industries. We offer solutions for Mining and Processing, High-tech Construction and Engineering, training for Firefighters and Rescuers and other industrial applications. We are constantly updating and improving the Teslasuit product. In the future, Teslasuit will have most broad applications in medicine and rehabilitation, sports and fitness, games and entertainment, ”said Dimitri Mikhalchuk, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Teslasuit.

About Teslasuit

Teslasuit was first officially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2018 where Teslasuit was highlighted as one of the most interesting innovations presented. Authoritative high-tech media outlet Tech Crunch also considered Teslasuit the future of full-body haptic technology. This year Teslasuit has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Teslasuit is the world’s first full-body haptic suit that makes the experience in virtual and augmented reality more realistic and effective through the synergy of systems: haptics, motion capture, and biometry. At present, Teslasuit is intended for integration into a diverse range of enterprise applications and training solutions. In the future, Teslasuit will be widely used in games and entertainment, fitness and sports, wellness and healthcare. 

The integrated complex of haptics, motion capture, and biometry helps improving human performance with Teslasuit. Teslasuit’s haptic technology allows to transmit touch: an additional channel of communication and a new way of making VR experience deeper, immersive, and more realistic. Electrostimulation based haptics increases immersion, stimulates neural activity, fosters muscle memory, thus improving learning.


  • Ronnie Brooks
    January 20, 2019