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Create unprecedently realistic sensations using haptic library, built into affordable haptic editor. Develop presets do deliver unforgettable sense of touch. Modulate a range of various sensations, read body movement and provide the desired temperature. All you need it just install Teslasuit SDK and start produce fully immersive environments.

Streaming service

Imagine a fully integrated, computer-free version, streaming content directly to the user’s virtual/augmented reality system, that would work together with Teslasuit and Teslaglove models remotely and wirelessly. Revolutionary streaming service SDK will blow your mind with it unlimited possibilities, provided on most high level ever.


Teslasuit comes with the advanced software bundle that help you to create your own VR-sensations. Build you own haptic presets, customize existing sensations, adjust every detail, save and share with your friends.


Native SDK for main platforms such as Linux, Windows and even Mac. We are providing access to integrated packages on both Unreal Engine and Unity3D. You can use Teslasuit Mobile advanced SDK for iOS and Android devices.

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