TESLASUIT: Now Integrated With 3D Visualisation Platform UNIGINE

  • By Dimitri Mikhalchuk
  • April 27, 2020

By integrating with 3D visualisation software platform UNIGINE 2 Sim, TESLASUIT strives to deliver even deeper immersive experiences.

UNIGINE 2 Sim is a 3D visualisation software platform developed by the UNIGINE company. Paired with our innovative TESLASUIT, it delivers the power to create even more immersive experiences in the VR world. Utilising enhanced visuals and stunning graphic detail; this means that your XR training potential just entered next-level realism.

From the minuscule to the universal

A walk onboard the International Space Station, an intense sunset, or a pleasant swim beneath the surface of the sea; these are just some of the simulations already made possible with UNIGINE’s technology, proving that no scenario is too big – not even space travel.

“Scale, accuracy and detail are at the forefront of our latest addition to our pack. With the first-class graphic potential of UNIGINE, combined with TESLASUIT’s haptic feedback, we are increasing the realism of virtual reality training and taking it to new heights and into much deeper experiences. We make sure that immersion into the VR world is never broken from the very moment your users step into it to the second they finish their training.”

How exactly does it work?

Real geospatial data, high-quality, real-time rendering for content creation and seamlessly integratable content coding; these are the elements supported by UNIGINE that make all this possible.

In addition, it includes features such as:

  • object positioning accuracy (64bits per coordinate)
  • water geometry (Beaufort scale 0-12)
  • detailed landscape resolution (up to 1mm),
  • realistic atmosphere and weather conditions (multi-layer 3D clouds and up to 400km visibility range)
  • visual effect simulation

These work together to ensure that this solution provides a true-to-life experience and delivers exceptional content in the virtual reality environment.

Combined, these elements allow us to deliver a scenario that accurately mimics the conditions of the real world – everything from what you expect to see, to hear, and to experience, all in stunning accuracy and ready for your employees to use.

Not only that, but we can also now scale your training scenario even further, meaning your virtual world just became a whole lot bigger.

Our solution, your training experience

When your users step into the VR world, they become immersed in a hyper-realistic environment that allows them to train with even more accuracy than ever before – the sights, sounds, and feelings of the virtual world become a reality.

The increased scalability, made possible with UNIGINE, means that users can now explore more of the virtual environment and envelope themselves in an even deeper XR experience. Perfect for sophisticated enterprise training.

Fully integratable with VR devices

There’s no additional equipment required when implementing UNIGINE 2 Sim in your VR experience. Simulations are fully compatible with virtual and augmented reality devices, such as curved screens, video walls, CAVE systems, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and more virtual reality headsets.

In addition, all you’d usually expect from TESLASUIT – biometry and motion capture – remain the same, meaning you don’t have to compromise to get the training solution you require.

Potential for your business

Imagine a detailed view of your control room, where your employees can learn and train for various scenarios in a risk-free, realistic environment. Or, a full-scale composition walkthrough of your working site – a factory, a ship, an office, and more – where your employees can train for emergencies in a hyper-realistic environment, so that if the worst happens, they are prepared.

All this is possible with TESLASUIT and this latest integration. The enhanced visuals powered by UNIGINE’s technology and combined with TESLASUIT allow us to deliver a next-level training experience. This is a whole new playing field for XR training, and we’re excited to be able to offer it today.

We believe that by experiencing the integration in action, you understand that seeing truly is believing. The future of XR training here today. Ready to give it a try?

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