Meet TESLASUIT at VR/AR Global Summit Online Conference

  • By Ronnie Brooks
  • June 1, 2020

VR/AR Global Summit is an annual world-class event that brings together leaders of international VR/AR community. TESLASUIT will join it to discuss the present and future of immersive technologies and application of VR/AR technologies 

Pandemic conditions transfer us to a new level of digital and create a unique environment for development of VR/AR technologies. More businesses think right now about how they may integrate VR and AR to enhance efficiency. VR/AR Global Summit Online Conference provides a chance to meet professionals of XR and to catch on current strategies, perspectives and trends of the industry. 

The Future of Immersive Technologies 

Immersive technologies are becoming a significant tool for enterprise training. Increased engagement, absolute safety, realistic negative outcomes of safety rules violation allow employees to practice and to learn by doing. From a training perspective, this immersion is a source of experience and skills development. These technologies don’t create a sudden change in one industry or sector – they point the direction of the further development. 

Dimitri Mikhalchuk, TESLASUIT Co-founder and CRO, will participate in a panel discussion hosted by Tyler Gates, Managing Principal of BrightLine Interactive. TESLASUIT has established long-term and productive partnership with BrightLine Interactive.  

The panel discussion is dedicated to the Next Generation Immersive Simulation. Challenging global issues have a direct impact on immersive technologies development. These modern trends determine the topicality of the discussion. Demand and changing needs push market players to come up with efficient business solutions.  

You are welcome to join the us via LinkedIn Invite or on YouTube at Tuesday, June 2 7.45 -8.30 pm (UTC time zome)  

TESLASUIT team thanks the VR/AR Association for flawless organization and a great opportunity to share our view and interact with experts in VR/AR technologies. 

About the event 

VR/AR Global Summit is an annual world-class event that brings together leaders of international VR/AR community. Between 1st – 3d June 2020, attendees of the Online Summit have a great opportunity to meet 100+ professional speakers, 80+ virtual booths and 1000+ interactive 1-on-1s.  

During the Next Generation Immersive Simulation panel discussion the thought-leading technologists will discuss perspectives of immersive simulation, possible influence of 5G introduction on immersive simulation, key aspects of infrastructure needed to build immersive simulation platforms. Featured participants will share the ways their companies create a significant impact in various industries. 

See the full schedule of the Online Conference here

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