Teslasuit Was Introduced at VRX Europe 2017

Author: Anna Kozlova
May 15, 2017 | 2 mins to read

Teslasuit took part at VRX Europe 2017, held in London. The event, sponsored by Intel, took place in the heart of London. More than 650 participants, directors, vice-presidents and C-level managers attended the conference.

The speakers were such well-known personalities as Tony Parisi from UNITY TECHNOLOGIES, Peter Frølund from HTC VIVE, David Bomphrey from JAUNT VR.

Numerous transnational companies, such as Google, Sony Pictures, Volkswagen, Audi, found represented startups interesting for potential interaction.

Our flagship product, Teslasuit, was introduced there. This is a multi module smart full body haptic suit, which allows you to transmit sensations from the game process, including virtual reality gaming. The suit also has a built-in motion capture system and a temperature control system. These three parts, functioning together, can create special effects in AR/MR and full immersion in virtual reality.


Teslasuit booth at VRX 2017

Testing Teslasuit, the participants of the event had received unique experience as a part of the demo and estimated our booth positively.


Tesalasuit demo at VRX 2017

The Teslasuit team thanks the organizers and sponsors of VRX Europe for the opportunity to participate in the event and looks forward to mutually beneficial cooperation in future.


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  1. Francisco David Cortes Rodrigo

    Good, I have a company in the South of Spain, Andalucia, Almeria, virtual reality and increased, my question is, when can I make the purchase of the suit? .Thank you, greetings.

  2. Betsy Wagner

    How much will the suit cost because i dont feel like reading